8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 1

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    Complete the passage by choosing the most appropriate options from the ones give below:
    He (i) ?the session with a prayer, prolonging it (ii) _____the others join and the valley (iii) ______ with the chants, (iv) ___the cry of the jackals. Time was when he (v) ____his stories to the accompaniment of musical instruments, but now he (vi) _____only on himself. The films (vii) all the fiddlers and singers, who (viii) ___no time now-a-days to stand at the back of an old story teller and fill his pauses with music.
    (i) (a) begins        (b) began            (c)   has begun         (d)   is beginning
    (ii)   (a) unless        (b) until             (c)   till                 (d)   else
    (iii)   (a) echoed       (b) was echoing (c)   echoes            (d)   is echoing
    (iv)   (a) drowned (b) were drowned (c)   are drowning      (d)   drowning
    (v) (a) has narrated (b) narrated (c)   had narrated       (d)   was narrating
    (vi)   (a) depends      (b) depended        (c)   has depended      (d)   was depending
    (vii)  (a) took away    (b) have taken away (c)   are taking away    (d)   took
    (viii) (a) are having (b) have             (c)   had                (d)   has


    (i)   (a) begins
    (ii)  (b) until
    (iii) (c) echoes
    (iv) (d) drowning
    (v)   (e) narrated
    (vi) (f) depends
    (vii) (g) have taken away
    (viii) (h) have 


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