8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 1

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    Answer any one of the following:                                                      
    Do you think ours is a traditional society? What are some of the things we do to be called traditional?
    Do you find these things interesting or useful?
    Christy's mother played a vital role in making him a successful man. Explain.


    Yes, our society can be termed as a traditional society. We perform religious ceremonies such as yajnas puja, katha, observe fast, go to the temples and rivers after prayers for the ancestors etc.
    Yes, these things are useful at times as well sound/seem interesting because they bring peace/solace to our mind. They also help us in achieving our aim/goal in life. Religion has always been our torch bearer at least in the Hindu mythology. These things teach us to respect different religions. They also teach us discipline and patience. The fasting on various occasions increases our stamina.                                                                                     
    Christy's mother proved to be a great mother. She inspired him to a great extend. She never lost courage and belief in Christy. Her loving behaviour made him a successful person and a great author. She always gave him a feeling of contentment. She inspired him and gave him courage. When he was almost beaten, she filled him with new strength and will power to lift himself. She proved everyone wrong. Her faith in Christy was rewarded and he became a successful person. It was only because of his mother that Christy Brown could live a live of dignity.                            


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