8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 4

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    Read the following stanza carefully and answer the questions given below:                                            
    In the heat of the mid-day the houses stood with shut doors
    I wandered along the crooked lane
    An old man came out with his bag of gold.
    He pondered and said, "I will hire you with my money/'
    He weighed his coins one by one/ but I turned away.
    (i) Whom does T and 'You? refer to in line 4?
    (ii) Why were the houses with the door shut?
    (iii) What did the old man bring out?
    (iv) How did the speaker react to the old man's offer?


    (i) ?I? refers to the old man and ?you? refers to the narrator.
    (ii) The houses had the doors shut because of the heat of the mid-day.
    (iii) The old man brought out a bag of gold to hire the man.
    (iv) Speaker turned down the old man?s offer.

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