8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 4

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    Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow:                                                       
    Of all the emotions which surged through me as I stood on the Summit of Everest, looking over miles of panorama below us, the dominant one I think was of humility. The physical in me seemed to say, "Thank God ifs all over!"? However, instead of being jubilant there was a tinge of sadness. Was it because I had already done the 'ultimate7 in climbing and there would be nothing higher to climb and all roads hereafter would lead down?
    (i) Who is the narrator?
    (ii) What was the dominant emotion of the narrator?
    (iii) "Thank God it's all over?" What was all over?
    (iv) Why would all roads lead down hereafter?


    (i) The narrator is Major H. P. S. Ahluwalia.
    (ii) The dominant emotion of the narrator was of humility.
    (iii) Climbing the Summit of Mount Everest was over.
    (iv) All roads would lead down as there was nothing higher than Everest to climb. 

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