8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 4

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    Read the outlines of a story given below. Write it in full using these outlines and your own ideas.
    Assign a suitable title to it.
    Outlines:-Hot June-crow thirsty - search for water- no water around - saw a jug of water - tried to drink - level very low - beak couldn't reach water - sad - thought a plan - put pebbles one by one into jug - raised the level - very happy - hard work leads to success.                                                                                              
    Complete the story on the basis of the beginning given below:
    Away from the crowds of cities, in a far flung village, lived a boy named Ravi. Ravi became an orphan when he was still a baby. One day an old woman came to his hut and said............


    A Thirsty Crow
    It was the month of June. It was very hot. A crow felt very thirsty. He flew from place to place in search of water, but found no water. As the crow was flying over a house, he saw a jug of water. As he was thirsty, he flew to it. The crow tried to drink water from the jug, but the level of the water in the jug was very low and his beak couldn?t reach the water. The crow became sad. But he was a clever crow.
    He saw some pebbles lying here and there on the roof. He thought of a plan. He put those pebbles one by one into the jug, thus raising the level of the water. The crow felt very happy. He drank water and flew away. His hard work and patience led him to success.                                                                                                  
    that you come along with me and I will change your life. As Ravi was living all alone and their was no one to take care of him, he agreed to go along with the old woman. She took him to her house. She asked him to have his bath and then gave him something to eat. Since her husband was the Principal of a school, she spoke to him about Ravi. She got the boy admitted in the school. And after school Ravi would come over to the old woman?s house and helped her in the household chores. Ravi was good at studies and also was very good in athletics. The school encouraged his desire and he became a national level athletics champion. The old woman had seen his potential in running and this was the reason she had got him to her house. It was because of the old lady that Ravi?s talent was encouraged and that it did not go waste.

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