8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 6

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    Read the outlines of a story given below. Write it in full using these outlines and your own ideas.
    Assign a suitable title to it:                                                              
    Outlines:-A man'pet dog'man meets with an accident'becomes crippled'dog helps to recover' proves faithfulness.
    Develop a story in about 150-200 words with the help of the following hints:
    A foolish crow-found a piece of bread-a clever fox-felt greedy-praise the crow-bean tiful body-sweet voice-opened mouth-piece of bread fell down.                                                         


    Dog, the Most Faithful Friend                                                                                                   
    There was man named Raman. He worked as a Manager in one of the Insurance Company. He had a wife named Sapna and one daughter and one son. They all lived a happy life in Lucknow. They also had a pet dog, whom they called Boozo. The dog was very faithful. He loved them all.
    One day Mr. Raman while returning from office met with an accident. He was so injured that his left limbs became paralysed. He was unable to walk and move his left arm. He was confined to bed.
    At first the dog felt bad, thinking that he was being ignored but finally he understood the problem. He used to come and force Mr. Raman to raise his hand and pat him. One day Mr. Raman took hold of the string round his neck, he pulled it taut which forced him to get on to his feet although he couldn?t stand for more than a minute but this gave him courage. Gradually the same exercise helped him to move a few steps and a day came when Mr. Raman could walk, although not very straight. But yes, the medicines and the efforts of Boozo helped Mr. Raman to stand on his feet and gain confidence. Mr. Raman resumed his duties after four months and the family felt obliged to their pet. They were thankful to the devotion of their pet.
    One day, a foolish crow who was very hungry was flying in search of food. While flying over a house he saw a piece of bread on the verandah of the house. He immediately flew down to pick it up. He quickly grabbed it and flew away to a tree in the nearby village. A clever fox, who was also hungry saw the piece of bread in the beak of the crow. He felt greedy. He also wanted that bread and started planning as to how he could get it from the crow. He quickly devised a plan to take the bread from him. He started praising the crow?s beautiful body and voice. He said no other bird had such a beautiful body as yours and no one could sing as sweetly as you. The clever fox said that since the crow could sing so melodiously, why not start singing so that the fox could hear it. The crow who was unaware of fox?s clever plans, was so overjoyed by listening to its praise that it started singing without thinking he opened his mouth to sing and the piece of bread fell down straight into the mouth of the fox who ran away with it.

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