6th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper-7

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    Read the following lines from the poem and answer the questions given below:                     
    Do they live with other people
    Have they mums and dads?
    And were they ever children
    And were they ever bad?
    Did they ever, never spell right
    Did they ever make mistakes?
    Were they punished in the corner
    If they pinched the chocolate flakes.?
    (i) Who are 'they' here?
    (ii) What is the speaker eager to know about his teachers?


    (i) ?They? are the teachers.
    (ii) The poet is eager to know whether the teachers live with their family, he wants to know if teachers were ever punished for stealing chocolates.
    (iii) ?Bad children? are mischievous. They pinch the chocolate flakes and do all sorts of naughty activities to harm others.
    (iv) Where do all the Teachers go?           

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