6th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper-7

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    Answer any four of the following question:                                                                             
    (i) Why did he serve the lion for a long time?
    (ii) Where was Kalpana Chawla born? Why is she called an Indian-American?
    (iii) The second Sunday of every month was special in Peter's life. Why?
    (iv) Algu found himself in a tight spot. What was his problem?
    (v) How do desert animals survive without water?
    (vi) What was the reaction of the little man when he came to know about doing Patrick's homework?


    (i) The dog served the lion longer because the lion was stronger than all the animals. Under his custody the dog was safe and well fed.
    (ii) She was born in Karnal in Haryana. She went to USA after the completion of her graduation degree and was given naturalized U.S. citizenship. Thus, she is called an Indo-American.
    (iii) In Peter?s life, the second Sunday was special because Peter?s family used to visit a cinema hall on this day. His family members enjoyed peanuts and ice-cream and enjoyed a lot.
    (iv) After sometime Algu had a problem. He sold out one of his bullock to Samjhu Sahu on the condition that the money would be paid in a month?s time. When Algu went to take the money, Sahu refused to pay as the bullock had already died. Algu had to take shelter with Panchayat.
    (v) The desert animals find different ways to get and store water. Some animals, like gerbil spend the hottest part of the day in cool underground burrows. Darkling beetles get water from desert plants.
    (vi) When the little man came to know about doing homework, his face got wrinkled as he was to complete the work till the end of the semester for 35 days. He kicked his legs. His face had expressions showing anger and disapproval.     

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