7th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 7

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    Complete the sentences by choosing appropriate options.                             
    (i) Is she related (with/ to) you?
    (ii) They walked (in/ into) the room.
    (iii) He aimed his gun (at/ on) the robber.
    (iv) The cat is sitting (in/under)the table.
    (v)  He killed the snake (by/ with) a stick.
    (vi) He agrees (with/ to) me on this point.
    (vii) She came and sat (besides/ beside) me.
    (viii) I shall be waiting (for/ with) you here.


    (i) to                             
    (ii) into                         
    (iii) at
    (iv) under                      
    (v) with                         
    (vi) with
    (vii) beside                    
    (viii) for


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