8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 8

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    Write a paragraph in about 100-120 words on the given topic: 'Mobiles Everywhere'                            
    People waste a lot of money in decoration and food during wedding ceremony. Write an article saying that the money spent unnecessarily on decoration and pomp and show can be spent elsewhere with proper use. You are Tarun.


    Mobiles Everywhere
    Mobile phones are now everywhere. These are with everyone every minute. Mobile phones have become very cheap, so it is no more a problem to have them. The biggest advantage is that these can be carried anywhere. We can talk to a distant person within seconds. You just have to dial his phone number. Undoubtedly, mobile phones are a big help but these can become bad and harmful if used unwisely. For example, bad characters are also using mobile phones for wicked purposes. Young
    Decoration?A Waste of Money
    (Class VIII)
    In India we celebrate every auspicious occasion with great devotion and dedication. Every happy moment is pious. We make the occasion more welcoming by decorating the place but at times we over-do the things. Especially on weddings we see that people spend so much on decoration which is not required. It is their way to flaunt their wealth and show their social status but they forget that with simple decoration also the moments can be enjoyed and made equally pious whereas this money being spent on decoration can be used for other social causes. If one starts doing this many hungry mouths will be fed and many will enjoy a few good moments of life. Therefore if thought positively the money spent on pomp and show of decorations can be stopped.

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