8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 8

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    Read the outlines of a story given below. Write it in full using these outlines and your own ideas.
    Assign a suitable title to it:                                                               
    Outlines-King of the forest?kills many animals?those escaped in terror?hare's turn?tells lion about another lion in forest? lion wants to see him and kill him?hare takes the lion to a deep well?lion sees his reflection?jumps into the well thinking it is the other lion.
    Complete the story in your own words (200-words):
    Every morning it was the same thing for Amit Sharma. He'd put on a pot of coffee and got dressed as he waited for the coffee to brew. But today, things would be different....................


    The Hare and the Lion.                                                                                                                       
    Once a lion, the king of the forest, posed a great threat to all other beasts and animals. He killed many animals whenever he was hungry. The animals were much terrified. It had become impossible for them to leave their dens. One day they held a meeting and went to the lion. They said to him, ?O brave king We are your slaves. Have pity on us. Please don?t kill us. We shall send you one animal every day.? The lion agreed. Daily one animal was sent to the lion. The animals were no longer afraid to wander about; their number was steadily decreasing. One day, it was a hare?s turn. He was very clever. He thought of a plan to save himself and the other animals. He reached the lion very late. The lion was furious. He asked him the reason for his late arrival. The hare said to him, ?Your Majesty, another lion has come in the forest. He wants to impose his authority on us. He does not listen when we tell him that we are the loyal slaves of Your Majesty. He held me on the way.?
    The lion became all the more furious with rage. ?Show me that lion. I will kill him,? he roared. The clever hare led the lion to a deep well and said, ?Sir, he lives inside.? The lion looked into the well and saw his own image in the water. He mistook his image for another lion-his enemy. He at once jumped into the well to kill that lion. The well was very deep, so the lion was drowned and the other animals were saved.
    As Amit was pouring his coffee into the cup, his younger daughter of 8 years suddenly came and caught her father. Due to this, the coffee got spilt on his clothes. He was highly annoyed and slapped his daughter. For the next 15 minutes has was shouting at his daughter and at his wife who came in between. As a result, he got late for his office. He tried to drive his bike speedily so as to cover up the time. At one place, he nearly missed getting into an accident. In the office, his boss also scolded him and ultimately nothing went well the whole day. Due to a small incident, Amit had ruined his day by not reacting properly to the situation. If he had taken this small incident lightly and had not mode it a big issue and had changed his clothes and went to his office on time, then neither his small daughter would have cried, nor he would have driven speedily to the office. The accident could have been averted and the boss would have also treated him well. Hence, ultimately it is our reaction to the situation which decides our future.

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