UPSC General Studies Sample Paper General Studies Sample Paper-10

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    Which of the following provisions of the Constitution regarding language issues is incorrect?

    A)  All proceedings in Supreme Court and High Court are to be in English

    B)  Linguistic minority groups have to be provided facilities for education in mother tongue at primary education level

    C)  The 22 languages mentioned in the 8th Schedule are to be used to enrich the Hindi language

    D)  Hindi has been declared as the national language, though for a period of 15 years, English could continue to be used for all official purposes

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    [d] According to constitutional provisions related to languages in the judiciary, English will be the language of proceedings in the Supreme Court, as well as the language of authoritative texts of all bills, ordinances, orders etc. as long as Parliament makes some other provisions in this behalf. Thus, statement [a] is correct. Statement [b] is also correct, it will be the responsibility of state and local governments in this regard and President can also issue directions to these authorities for providing such facilities. Statement [c] is also correct. The objective behind providing the 22 languages in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution is to provide representation to members of these languages in the Official Language Commission and to enrich the Hindi language through these languages. This is done to make Hindi the lingua franca of the composite culture of India. Statement [d] is incorrect. The operative word here is 'national' and since, India does not have a national language, this statement is incorrect. The Constitution does however provide for Hindi to be the official language except for the first 15 years after independence, during which English will be the official language and for a further period which Parliament by law provides. Thus, the right answer is [d].

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