UPSC General Studies Sample Paper General Studies Sample Paper-10

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    Which one of the following is the correct order of water allocation priorities according to '-he National Water Policy, 2012?

    A)  Drinking water, Irrigation, Hydropower, Ecology, Agro industries sad Non-agricultural industries, Navigation                                             

    B)  Drinking water, Irrigation, Agro industries and Non-agricultural industries, Hydropower, Ecology, Navigation

    C)  Ecology, Drinking water, Irrigation, Agro industries and Non-agricultural industries, Navigation Hydropower

    D)  Drinking water. Ecology, Irrigation, Agro industries and Non-agricultural industries, Hydropower, Navigation.

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    The National Water Policy is formulated by Ministry of Wale- Resources, GOI to meet the present challenges in the water sector and propose a framework for creation of a system c' laws and institutions and for a plan of action with a unified national perspective Salient Features
    1. Emphasis on the need for a national water framework law, comprehensive legislation for optimum development of inter-state rivers and river valleys, amendment of Irrigate'" Acts, Indian Easements Act, 1882 etc.
    2. Water, after meeting the pre-emptive needs for safe drinking water and sanitation, achieving food security supporting poor people dependent on agriculture for their livelihood and high priority allocation for minimum ecosystem needs, be treated as economic good so as to promote its conservation and efficient use.
    3. Ecological needs of the river should be determine: recognising that river flows are characterised by low or no flows, small floods (freshets), large floods and variability and should accommodate development needs. A portion of river flows should be kept aside to me? ecological needs ensuring that the proportional low and high flow releases correspond in time closely to the natural flow regime.
    4. Adaptation strategies in view of climate change for designing and management of water resources structures and review of acceptability criteria has been emphasized.
    5. A system to evolve benchmarks for water uses for different purposes, i.e. water footprints, and water auditing be developed to ensure efficient use of water. Project financing has been suggested as a tool to incentivise efficient and economic use of water.

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