UPSC General Studies Sample Paper General Studies Sample Paper-5

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    Consider the following statements about Bhakti Movement.
    1. Nayanars and Alvars spread their movement in North. In start of their movements, they were popular in South only.
    2. Kabir denounced formal worship, even namaz. He neither worshipped idols, nor took holy baths in river or pilgrimages.
    Which of the statement(s) given above is/are incorrect?

    A)  Only 1             

    B)  Only 2            

    C)  All of these       

    D)  None of these

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    [a] Nayanars and Alvars preached and composed in local languages. This single factor limited their success in North white made them succeed in South Nayanars were Shaivites and Alvars were Vaishnavite.  disregarded the austerities preached by the Jains and Buddhists and preached personal devotion to God as a means of salvation.                          Kabir emphasised over the unity of God whom he called by various names like Rama, Hari, Govinda etc. He denounced all kind of formal worship and symbols of it like idol worship holy bathing.         

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