UPSC General Studies Sample Paper General Studies Sample Paper-6

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    Which one among the following is the most appropriate definition of a Least Developed Nation?

    A)  A country with a small agricultural sector, low rate of population growth and less per capita

    B)  A country with high population growth rate, a high per capita GNP growth rate and an unequal distribution of income                     

    C)                                               A country with inadequate health care, poor educational facilities and low per capita GNP 

    D)  A country with low per capita GNP, a large population and a small agricultural sector       

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    [d] Least developed countries are nations identified as such by the United Nations Economic and Social Council through its committee for Development Policy and includes countries with a low per capita income', 'a low level of human resource development' and 'a high degree of economic vulnerability'. The figures for this criterion are reviewed every 3 years. Specific parameters as defined during the triennial review by the committee in 2009 are as presented below. Criteria for Least Developed Countries Gross National Income Per Capita The threshold for inclusion is a 3 years (2005-2007) average Gross National Income (GNI) per capita of $ 905.12 and the graduation threshold is $ 1086. Human Assets Index (HAI) It reflects the following dimensions of the state of human development. [a] Health and nutrition, measured by (i) percentage of the population, undernourished      (ii) under-5 child mortality rate [b] Education, measured by (i) gross secondary school enrolment ratio               (ii) adult literacy rate. The HAI threshold for inclusion is 60 and the threshold for graduation is 66. Economic Vulnerability Index (EVI) It reflects a risk posed to a country's development by exogenous shocks. The EVI threshold is 42 and the threshold for graduation is 38.

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