UPSC General Studies Sample Paper General Studies Sample Paper-7

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    Which of the following statements] is/are incorrect?
    1. The Shiwaliks forests consist mainly of chir, pine and tropical mixed hardwood of which sal is often a major component.
    2. Sub-tropical pine forests are found in North-Eastern hills at an altitude of 1000?2000 mts above sea-level.
    3. Silver firs, pines, birches and junipers are the important species found in Coniferous forests of the temperate region.
    Select the correct answer using the codes given below.

    A)  Only 1             

    B)  1 and 3           

    C)  2 and 3           

    D)  Only 3

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    [a] The forests of Shiwalik consist mainly of chir, pine and tropical mixed hardwood trees. Among them sal dominant the region. The Himalayan sub-tropical pine forests are a large sub-tropical Coniferous forest ecoregion covering portions of Bhutan, India, Nepal and Pakistan, Silver firs, pines, birches, and junipers are important trees of Himalayan Alpine type forest which are found beyond the Himalayan Coniferous forests.

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