UPSC General Studies Sample Paper General Studies Sample Paper-7

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    Which of the following species are Critically Endangered?                                 

    A)  Red headed vulture, slender biled vulture, pygmy hog, bengal florican, gharial                

    B)  White backed vulture, wildass, golden langoor, black bug, red panda, marbled cat, markhor   

    C)  Egyptian vulture, griffon vulture, swamp dear, lion tailed macaque                        

    D)  Great Indian one horned rhinoceroes, bearded vulture, red bear, hawk deer, four-horned ant

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    [a] The Red-headed Vulture is also known as the Asian King Vulture, Indian Black Vulture or Pondicherry Vulture. It is mainly found in the Indian sub-continent, with small disjunct populations is some parts of Southeast Asia. The slender-billed vulture is a recently recognized Species of Old World vulture. The Indian vulture is found only to the south of the Ganges and breeds on cliffs while the slender-billed vulture is found along the sub-Himalayan regions and into Southeast Asia and nests in trees. The Bengal florican also called Bengal bustard, is a bustard species native to the Indian sub-continent, Cambodia and Vietnam. The gharial also known as the gavial native to the northern part of the Indian sub-continent. The pygmy hog is a critically endangered suid, previously spread across India, Nepal, and Bhutan, but now only found in Asom.

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