UPSC General Studies Sample Paper General Studies Sample Paper-8

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    Consider the following statements about the educational reforms during the reign of the British
    1. The Raleigh Commission emerged under the tenure of Lord Curzon and stressed on the need uh revising the existing system of governance of universities.                                    
    2. The Harding Committee of 1915 recommended compulsory primary education for all children. and girls, between 6 and 14 years.                                                       
    3. The Saddler Commission of 1917, argued for the separation of the intermediate courses from university and their merging with secondary education.                                     
    Which of the statements] given above is/are correct?                                   

    A)  Only 3             

    B)  1 and 2                

    C)                 Only 1             

    D)  1 and 3                              

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    [d] Under the Harding Committee of 1915, Inter-university committees were set up to study the working of different committees. The university training corps was also established under it, so to unpart military training to students. It was under the Sargent Commission of 1944 that the recommendation of compulsory primary education for children, between the age of 6 and 14 years were made.

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