JEE Main & Advanced Sample Paper JEE Main Sample Paper-19

  • question_answer Two isothermals are shown in figure at temperatures \[{{T}_{1}}\] and \[{{T}_{2}}\]. Which of the following relations is correct?  

    A)  \[{{T}_{1}}>{{T}_{2}}\]                   

    B)  \[{{T}_{1}}<{{T}_{2}}\]

    C)  \[{{T}_{1}}={{T}_{2}}\]                   

    D)  \[{{T}_{1}}=\frac{1}{2}{{T}_{2}}\]

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

     As isothermal at \[{{T}_{1}}\] is farther from the origin than the isothermal at \[{{T}_{2}},\] therefore, \[{{T}_{1}}>{{T}_{2}}\]


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