JEE Main & Advanced Sample Paper JEE Main Sample Paper-19

  • question_answer DIRECTIONS (Qs. 53): Each of these questions contains two statements: Statements -1 (Assertion) and Statement -2 (Reason). Choose the correct answer (ONLY ONE option correct) from the following.
    Statement-1: When two semiconductor of p and n type are brought in contact, they form p-n junction which act like a rectifier.
    Statement-2: A rectifier is used to convert alternating current into direct current.

    A)  Statement-1 is false, Statement - 2 is true.

    B)  Statement-1 is false, Statement - 2 is true. Statement-2 is a correct explanation for Statement-1.

    C)  Statement-1 is true, Statement -2 is true; Statement -2 is not a correct explanation for Statement -1

    D)  Statement-1 is true, Statement-2 is false

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

     Study of junction diode characteristics shows that the junction diode offers a low resistance path, when forward biased and high resistance path when reverse biased. This feature of the junction diode enables it to be used as a rectifier.


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