JEE Main & Advanced Sample Paper JEE Main Sample Paper-43

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    A open manometer attached to a flask containing ammonia gas have no difference in mercury level initially as shown in fig. After sparking into the flask, ammonia is partially dissociated as  \[2N{{H}_{3}}\,(g)\,\xrightarrow{\,}\,{{N}_{2}}\,(g)\,+3{{H}_{2}}\,(g)\]. Now it have difference of 18cm in mercury level into columns, what is partial pressure of \[{{H}_{2}}(g)\] at equilibrium?                                                         

    A)  9 cm Hg                     

    B)  18 cm Hg

    C)  27 cm Hg                   

    D)  None of these

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

     \[\therefore \] \[{{x}_{2}}=\frac{{{m}_{1}}}{{{m}_{2}}}{{x}_{1}}\] \[{{m}_{1}}=\frac{M}{4},\,{{x}_{1}}=\frac{R}{2}\] \[{{m}_{2}}=\frac{3M}{4}\]           \[{{x}_{2}}=-\frac{M/4}{3M/4}\cdot \frac{R}{2}=\frac{-R}{6}\] \[\frac{R}{6}\]            \[{{d}_{w}}\] \[{{d}_{o}}\] of Hg

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