JEE Main & Advanced Sample Paper JEE Main Sample Paper-47

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    Area bounded by the curve, \[y=x\,\sin \,x\] and \[x-\]axis between \[x=0\] and \[x=2\pi \] is

    A)  \[2\pi \]sq units                       

    B)  \[3\pi \]sq units

    C)  \[4\pi \]sq units                       

    D)  \[5\pi \]sq units           

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

      \[\therefore \] Required area \[=\int_{0}^{\pi }{x\,\sin \,x\,dx\,+|}\int_{\pi }^{2\pi }{(x\,\sin \,x)\,dx|}\] \[=[-x\,cos\,x+\,\int{\cos \,x\,dx]_{0}^{\pi }}\] \[+\,\left| [-x\,\cos \,x+\,\int{\cos \,xdx\,]_{\pi }^{2\pi }} \right|\] \[=[-x\,\cos \,x+\sin \,x]_{0}^{\pi }+|[-x\,\cos \,x+\sin \,x]_{\pi }^{2\pi }|\] \[=[\pi +0-(0)]+|[-2\pi +0-\pi +0]|\] \[=\pi +3\pi \] \[=4\pi \] sq units

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