11th Class Mathematics Sample Paper Maths Olympiad Model Test Paper-10

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    Two vertices of a triangle are \[\left( 3,-\,1 \right)\] and \[\left( -\,2,3 \right)\]and its orthocenter is at the origin. Find the co-ordinates of the third vertex.

    A)  \[\left( \frac{-36}{7},\frac{-43}{7} \right)\]                      

    B)  \[\left( \frac{-36}{7},\frac{-45}{7} \right)\]

    C)  \[\left( \frac{36}{5},\frac{44}{5} \right)\]            

    D)  \[\left( \frac{39}{5},\frac{49}{5} \right)\]

    E)  None of these

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

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