9th Class Mathematics Sample Paper Maths Olympiad Model Test Paper-14

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    In \[\Delta \,ABC,\] \[\angle \,A+\angle \,B=84{}^\circ \] and \[\angle B+\angle C=146{}^\circ \]. Find the measure of each of the angles of the triangle.

    A)  \[70{}^\circ ,85{}^\circ ,95{}^\circ \]             

    B)  \[34{}^\circ ,50{}^\circ ,96{}^\circ \]

    C)  \[30{}^\circ ,45{}^\circ ,80{}^\circ \]             

    D)  \[20{}^\circ ,35{}^\circ ,50{}^\circ \]

    E)  None of these

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

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