SSC Indian Polity and Civics Sample Paper NCERT Sample Paper-1

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    After a bill passed by the Parliament it is sent to the President for his assent, who can return it for reconsideration to Lok Sabha. But if the Bill is passed again and sent to President for his assent he

    A)  Has to sign it.

    B)  Can send the bill to the Parliament for reconsideration for the second time.

    C)  Can submit the same to the people for referendum.

    D)  Can get it nullified through the Supreme Court.

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    [a] When a Bill is passed by both Houses, the Secretariat of the House which is last in possession of the Bill obtains the assent of the President. In the case of a Money Bill or a Bill passed at a joint sitting of the Houses, the Lok Sabha Secretariat obtains assent of the President. The Bill becomes an Act only after the President has given his assent to it. The President may give his assent or withhold his assent to a Bill. The President may also return the Bill (except a Money Bill) with his recommendations to the Houses for reconsideration, and if the Houses pass the Bill again with or without amendments the President cannot withhold his assent to the Bill. The President, however, is bound to give his assent to a Constitution Amendment Bill passed by the Houses of Parliament by the requisite special majority and, where necessary, ratified by the States.

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