SSC General Science & Technology Sample Paper NCERT Sample Paper-1

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    A jet plane flies in the air because

    A)  The gravity does not act on bodies moving with high speeds

    B)  The thrust of the jet compensate for the force of gravity

    C)  The flow of air around the wings causes an upward force, which compensates for the force of gravity

    D)  The weight of air whose volume is equal to the volume of the plane is more than the weight of the plane.

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    [b] Flight requires two things: thrust and lift. Thrust is the forward motion provided by a propeller or jet engine. An airplane wing has a special shape, called an air foil that bulges more on top than on the bottom. That shape aids in flight. When air meets the wing, it splits into two streams, top and bottom. The area above the wing is often said to have less pressure than the area below the wing, creating lift.

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