SSC History Sample Paper NCERT Sample Paper-2

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    Who among the following kings was a contemporary of both Mahavira and Buddha?

    A)  Ajatshatru        

    B)  Nandivardhana

    C)  Bimbisara        

    D)  Asoka

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

     Bimbisara (c. 558 - c. 491 BC) or Srenikawas a King of Magadha (r. 542 - 492 BC) and belonged to the Haryanka dynasty. He was the son of Bhattiya. His expansion of the kingdom, especially his annexation of the kingdom of Anga to the east, is considered to have laid the foundations for the later expansion of the Maurya Empire. According to Buddhist scriptures, King Bimbisara met the Buddha for the first time prior to the Buddha's enlightenment, and later became an important disciple that featured prominently in certain Buddhist suttas. He is recorded to have attained sotapannahood, a degree of enlightenment in Buddhist teachings. Bimbisara is referred to as Shrenika of Jain literature who became a devotee of Jainism impressed by the calmness of Yamadhar (a Jain Muni). He frequently visited Samavasarana of Lord Mahavira seeking answers to his queries. He asked about the true version of Ramayana and an illuminating sage (King Prasana).

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