SSC History Sample Paper NCERT Sample Paper-2

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    Which of the following statements are correct?
    (i) First Muslim buildings was Quwat-ul-Islam mosque built by Qutb-ud-din-Aibak
    (ii) Calligraphy based on Versus of Quran was known as Kufic.
    (iii) Allauddin built built Jamat Khana which was the first true Muslim monument
    (iv) Khilji rulers used yellow saudstone in their building.

    A)  (i), (ii) only are correct

    B)  (ii), (iii), (iv) are incorrect

    C)  (i), (ii), (iii) are correct

    D)  All the above are correct

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    [c] Tughlaq rulers used yellow sandstone in their building.

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