SSC History Sample Paper NCERT Sample Paper-3

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    Which one among the following was a reason for which the French could not succeed in India in the 18th century?

    A)  They sided with the weak Indian sides such as Chanda Sahib and Muzafar Jung.

    B)  Dupleix was called back at a crucial time

    C)  They conspired against the Indian powers

    D)  Their trading company was heavily dependent on the French Government.

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    [d] Colbert, minister of Louis XIV, created the Companies des Indus Orientals in 1664 financed by the state. The first French factory in India was established by Francois Caron at Surat in 1668 and Maracara succeeded in establishing another French factory at Masulipatam in 1669 by obtaining permission from the Sultan of GoIconda. In marked contrast with the prosperity of Pondicherry, the French lost their influence in other places. The French in India declined between 1706 and 1720 which led to the reconstitution of the Company in 1720, as the "Perpetual Company of the Indies." The French power in India was revived under the Governorship of Lenoir and Dumas between 1720 and 1742. The French occupied Mahe and Yanam both in 1725 and Karikal in 1739. The objective of the French, during this period, were however, purely commercial. After 1742 political motives began to overshadow the desire for commercial gain with the arrival of Dulpleix as French governor in India (1742). It resulted in the beginning of Anglo-French conflict by which the French were defeated.

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