SSC Economics Sample Paper NCERT Sample Paper-3

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    Omkar Goswami Committee is related with:

    A) Committee on Industrial sickness and corporate restructuring

    B)  Tax reform

    C)  Disinvestment

    D)  None of the above

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    [a] List of Important Committees in India and their Area: Abid Hussain Committee: Recommendations on Small scale industries Agarwal Committee: Nepotism in granting petrol pump, LPG connections Ajay Vikram Singh Committee: Faster promotions in Army Alagh Committee: Civil Service Examinations Balwant Rai Mehta Committee: Recommendations on decentralization system Bhanu Pratap Singh Committee: Agriculture Boothalingam Committee: Recommendations on integrated wages, income and price policy. Butler Committee: Relation between Indian states & paramount power Chakravarti Committee: Banking sector reforms Chelliah Committee: Eradicating black money Chelliah Committee: Tax reforms GV. Ramakrishna Committee: Disinvestment in PSU shares  Godbole Committee: Enron Power Project Hurtog Committee: Growth of British India education ?its effects J.C. Kumarappa Committee: Congress agrarian Reforms Committee Janaki Ram Committee: Security Seam Justice B.N. Kirpal Committee: 1st chairman National Forest Commission Jyoti Basu Committee: Report on Octroi abolition. Kelkar Committee1: First committee on backward castes Kelkar Committee 2: Direct - Indirect Taxes Kelkar Committee 3: Enquiry on Kargil defense deals. Malhotra Committee: Insurance Reforms Mashelkar Committee: National Auto Fuel Policy Muddiman Committee: Working of Diarchy as in Montague Chelmsford reforms Narasimham Committee; Banking sector reforms Naresh Chandra Committee: Corporate governance Omkar Goswami Committee: Industrial sickness P.C. Hotha Committee: Restructuring of civil services Rajindar Sachar Committee 2: Report on the social, economic and educational status of the Muslims of India. Rajinder Sachar Committee 1: Companies and MRPTAct Ram Nandan Prasad Committee: Constitution of creamy layers among Backward Castes. Rangarajan Committee: Reforms in private sector Rangaraju Committee: Statistics Rekhi Committee: Structure of indirect taxation Saharya Committee: Tehelka tapes Sawant Committee: Enquiry on corruption, charges against ministers & Anna Hazare: Swaminathan Committee: Population policy Vohra Committee: Criminalization of politics Wanchoo Committee: Tax enquiry Wardha Committee: Inquiry on murder of Graham Stainea Yashpal Committee: Review of School Education system

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