SSC Geography Sample Paper NCERT Sample Paper-3

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    Consider the following statements and mark the wrong statement.

    A)  Zinc is found in veins in association with Galena

    B)  Major production of zinc is from Zawar area in Rajasthan

    C)  Small quantities of zinc are exported to countries like Canada, Australia and Russia

    D)  Some deposits containing .zinc are also found in Udhampur district of J & K

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    [c] India has zinc ore resources (UNFC) of 522580 thousand tonnes as on 1.4.2005 located in different States. Important zinc-lead deposits, mostly localized within Precambrian peninsular shield, include Zangamrajupalle and Gollapalle in A.P. Amjhore within Vindhyan rocks in Bihar; Amba Mata in Delhi Super group of rocks in Gujarat; Kolari within Sakoli Group of rocks in Maharashtra; Agucha within Banded Gneissic Complex; Deri and Kayar-Ghugra within Delhi Super group; Rajpura-Dariba, Devpura, Samodi, Sindesar and Tiranga within Pur-Banera belt of Pre-Aravalli; and Paduna and Zawar within Aravalli Super group of rocks in Rajasthan; Mamandur within Peninsular Archaean Complex of rocks in Tamil Nadu; and Gorubathan within Extra-peninsular Daling Formation (Pre-Cambrian - Cambrian) in West Bengal.

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