SSC History Sample Paper NCERT Sample Paper-4

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    Which of the following statements about Eknath is not true?

    A)  He is known for his abhangas.

    B)  He along with Rama Janardhana, Jani Janardhana, Vitha Renukananda and Dasopanth formed the Eknatha Panchaka.

    C)  He wrote commentaries on Chatusloki Bhagvata and Chiranjivpada.

    D)  His Guru was Raghavananda.

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    Ekanath: (1533-1599)
    Brahmana: his Guru was Janardhan Swami (1504-1575).
    Ramayana: produced first reliable edition of the Nameswari, and also written commentary on Jnaneswari.
    11th Chapter of Bhagvata is known as Eknath Bhagawata. He has written.
    (1) Bhavaratha Ramayana
    (2) Rukmini Svayamvara
    (3) Composed hundreds of Abhangas, Gaulans, Bharudas.
    (4) Commentaries on Chatusloki Bhagavata, Svatmasukha and Chiranjivapada and official edition of Jnaneswari.
     He famous for his Abhangas. According to the tradition, a group of five writers formed the Eknatha Panchaka; Eknatha, Rama Janardhan, Jani Janardhana, Vitha Renuka-nandana and Dasopantha..

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