SSC Ecology And Environment Sample Paper NCERT Sample Paper-4

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    Methane \[(C{{H}_{4}})\] is one of the six greenhouse gases under the Kyoto protocol. Which of the following is/are sources of methane?
    1. Combustion of fossil fuels
    2. Wetlands
    3. Automobiles
    Select the correct answer using the codes given below.

    A)  1 and 2 only

    B)  1 and 3 only

    C)  2 and 3 only     

    D)  1, 2 and 3

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    [d] Natural gas and petroleum systems are one of the largest source of \[C{{H}_{4}}\] emissions. Methane is the primary component of natural gas. Some \[C{{H}_{4}}\] is emitted to the atmosphere during the production, processing, storage, transmission, and distribution of natural gas. Methane emissions from passenger cars (automobiles) have however dropped, as the use of catalytic converters increased. Methane is generated in landfills as waste decomposes and in the treatment of wastewater.

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