SSC Geography Sample Paper NCERT Sample Paper-4

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    Following are the characteristics of an area in India
    1. Hot and humid climate.
    2. Annual rainfall 200 cm.
    3. Hill slopes up to an altitude of 1100 metres.
    4. Annual range of temperature \[15{}^\circ C\] to \[30{}^\circ C\].
    Which one among the following crops are you most likely to find in the area described above?

    A)  Mustard           

    B)  Cotton

    C)  Pepper 

    D)  Tea

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    [c] COTTON: Cotton is grown on various types of soils, but it is mainly grown in deep black soils (regur) of the Deccan, the Malwa Plateau and Gujarat, as these soils retain moisture. It also grows well in light and alluvial soils of Sutlej-Ganga Plains and red and laterite soils of the peninsular regions. Temperature - Cotton plant needs mild, cool, preferably dry climate with \[21{}^\circ C\] to \[27{}^\circ C\] temperature. It needs plenty of sunshine. - Warm days and cool nights are good for the development of the boll and fibre in the first stage at the time of fruition. Rainfall - Cotton plants need a moderate rainfall of 50 cm to 80 cm, well distributed throughout the year. Stagnant water and excessive rain both are harmful to the plant. PEPPER: The Southern state of Kerala accounts for 90% of the total pepper production. It is a plant of humid tropics, requiring 2000-3000 mm of rainfall, tropical temperature and high relative humidity with little variation in day length throughout the year. Black pepper does not tolerate excessive heat and dryness. An annual rainfall of 2000 mm with uniform distribution is ideal. Rainfall of 70 mm received in 20 days during May-June is sufficient for triggering off flushing and flowering processes in the plant. But once the process is set off there should be continuous shower until fruit ripening. Any dry spell even for a few day, within this critical period of 16 weeks (flowering to fruit ripening) will result in low yield. The crop tolerates temperature between \[10-40{}^\circ C.\] The ideal temperature is \[23-32{}^\circ C\] with an average of 28 degree c. Optimum soil temperature for root growth is \[26-28{}^\circ C.\] TEA: The ideal temperature for growth of tea crop is \[13{}^\circ C\] to \[35{}^\circ C.\] Temperature below \[10{}^\circ C\]and above \[35{}^\circ C\] is harmful for the crop. Alternative cool and warm waves are very helpful for tea leaves. Therefore, tea is a shade loving plant and develops more vigorously when planted along with shady trees. Tea bush requires about 150-250 cm annual rainfall, well distributed throughout the year. While prolonged dry spell is harmful for tea, high humidity, heavy dew and morning fog favour the rapid development of young leaves.

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