SSC Indian Polity and Civics Sample Paper NCERT Sample Paper-4

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    Which of the following statements about recruitment of woman in army recently, is/ are correct?
    I. Women officers have been granted Short Service Commission in combat branches
    II. Women officers have been granted Permanent
    Commission in combat branches
    III. Women officers have been granted Permanent
    Commission in non-combat branches

    A)  I only  

    B)  II only

    C)  I and III only    

    D)  III only

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    [d] The Union government has decided to grant Permanent Commission to Short Service Commission (SSC) women officers in two of the non-combat branches. Till now, women from the non-medical streams were allowed to serve only for a maximum of 14 years as short-service commission (SSC) officers. Twelve serving women officers have been approved by the Army for Permanent Commission in the Education Corps and the Judge Advocate General's (JAG) Branch in November 2010. Currently, permanent commission women officers are employed only in the medical, dental and nursing services of the Army.

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