SSC Ecology And Environment Sample Paper NCERT Sample Paper-5

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    Ecotourism throughout the world relies upon:

    A)  The harvesting and sale of natural products.

    B)  The human desire to collect wildlife products from there out the world.

    C)  Widespread interest in exploring and maintaining natural environments.

    D)  An interest in discovering to create new crops and agriculture products.

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    [c] The Nature Conservancy adopts the definition articulated by the World Conservation Union (IUCN): "Environmentally responsible travel to natural areas, in order to enjoy and appreciate nature (and accompanying cultural features, both past and present) that promote conservation, have a low visitor impact and provide for beneficially active socio-economic involvement of local peoples." Most tourism in natural areas today is not ecotourism and is not, therefore, sustainable. Ecotourism is distinguished by its emphasis on conservation, education, traveller responsibility and active community participation. Specifically, ecotourism possesses the following characteristics: 1. Conscientious, low-impact visitor behaviour 2. Sensitivity towards, and appreciation of, local cultures and biodiversity 3. Support for local conservation efforts 4. Sustainable benefits to local communities 5. Local participation in decision-making 6. Educational components for both the traveller and local communities

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