SSC Geography Sample Paper NCERT Sample Paper-5

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    What is the name of a settlement established along a road?

    A)  Linear

    B)  Cross

    C)  Star                

    D)  Circular

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    [a] Major rural settlement patterns are as follows. 1. Linear Pattern - Such villages develop along some road, railway, river or a canal. The main streets run parallel to road; rail or river and main shops are also in the main street. Linear pattern is also found along the sea coast. The flood plains of rivers in the hilly terrains are also occupied by linear settlements. In the low-lying areas of Western Europe, villages are often positioned on dykes and levees forming linear patterns. In India, such patterns are found all along the major roads and rivers. 2. Cross Shape Pattern - This pattern is found at a place where two routes cross each other at right angles. The houses are built along the routes in all the four directions. 3. Star-like Pattern - Sometimes many routes converge at or diverge from a particular point. Houses are built along all the routes and star-like pattern emerges. 4. T-Shape Pattern - Sometimes the routes meet in such a way that they make a "T" junction. People start making their houses along the routes extending in all the three directions and T-shape pattern develops. 5. Circular Pattern - This pattern develops either in flat lands or around a pond, tank or a crater. In such cases people prefer to build their houses near the centre in all the directions. Such villages are found in large numbers in West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. 6. Double Pattern - When a road crosses a canal or a river through a bridge, houses are built both along the road as well as canal or river. This is known as double pattern.

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