SSC General Science & Technology Sample Paper NCERT Sample Paper-6

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    Consider about the Genetic Engineering
    1. It is the indirect manipulation of an organism's genome using biotechnology.
    2. An organism that is generated through genetic engineering is considered to be a genetically modified organism (GMO).
    3. New DNA may be inserted in the host genome by first isolating and copying the genetic material of interest using molecular cloning methods to generate a DNA sequence, or by synthesising the DNA, and then inserting this construct into the host organism. .
    4. Genetic engineering techniques have been applied in numerous fields including     research, agriculture, industrial biotechnology, and medicine. Which of the following statements given above is/are correct?

    A)  1, 2 and 3        

    B)  2, 3 and 4

    C)  1, 3 and 4        

    D)  3 and 4 

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    [b] Genetic engineering, also called genetic modification, is the direct manipulation of an organism's genome using biotechnology. It is a set of technologies used to change the genetic makeup of cells, including the transfer of genes within and across species boundaries to produce improved or novel organisms.

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