SSC History Sample Paper NCERT Sample Paper-6

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    Which of the following are characteristics of Madhubani School of Painting?
    1. Paintings are done only on the freshly plastered mud walls mainly by women.
    2. Use of geometrical pattern.
    3. No space is left empty. Gaps are filled by paintings of flowers, birds and animals.
    4. Geographical indication status has been granted already. Choose the correct answers by using the codes:

    A)  1 and 3

    B)  1, 3 and 4

    C)  2, 3 and 4        

    D)  1 and 2

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    [c] Traditionally Madhubani painting is done on freshy plastered mud walls. However now, they are also done on cloth, T-shirt, handmade paper and canvas.

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