SSC Indian Polity and Civics Sample Paper NCERT Sample Paper-7

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    Which writ is issued by a High Court or the Supreme Court to compel an authority to perform a function that it was not performing?

    A) Writ of Certiorari

    B)        Writ of Habeas Corpus

    C) Writ of Mandamus     

    D) Writ of Quo Warranto

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    Five forms of Writs Habeas Corpus (Produce the person in body and soul): Mandamus (We command): Prohibition: Preventing an inferior court from acting without proper jurisdiction. Certiorari: By this writ the superior court prevents the lower courts from exceeding their limit. Quo Warranto: prevent the illegal assumption of any public office or usurpation of any public office till the matter is finally decided by the court.

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