SSC History Sample Paper NCERT Sample Paper-7

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    Identify the wrong statement regarding Gupta polity:
    (i) They took up exalted social titles like Rajadhiraja, Maharahadhiraja etc.
    (ii) A council of ministers, called Mantriparishad or Mantrimandalam assisted the king.
    (iii) Gupta kings claimed divine origin and supernatural powers for themselves.
    (iv) They did not possess the authority to make their own laws nor modify or interpret the existing laws.

    A)  II only 

    B)  I & IV

    C)  I & III  

    D)  IV only

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    [a] In fact, royal power was more circumscribed in the Gupta times than in the Maurya or pre-Gupta days. Ministers too, such as matrin, amatya or sachiva, may have restrained the despotic activities of the king. Some individual ministers, such as Harishena, were very powerful because of combing the offices of the mahadandanayaka, kumaramatya, and sandhivigrahika in the same person. Moreover, the post was hereditary and devolved to the same family for several generations. Such families must have played an important part in politics. Ministers or advisers formed part of the higher bureaucracy of the Guptas. Among the high officers we may take special notice of the kumaramatya and the sandhivigrahika, who are not known to earlier inscriptions. The kumaramatyas formed the chief cadre for recruiting high functionaries under the Guptas.

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