NEET Sample Paper NEET Sample Test Paper-15

  • question_answer The correct decreasing order of basic strength is

    A) \[P{{H}_{3}}>As{{H}_{3}}>Sb{{H}_{3}}>N{{H}_{3}}\]

    B) \[~N{{H}_{3}}>P{{H}_{3}}>As{{H}_{3}}>Sb{{H}_{3}}\]

    C) \[As{{H}_{3}}>Sb{{H}_{3}}\text{ }>P{{H}_{3}}>N{{H}_{3}}\]

    D) \[Sb{{H}_{3}}>As{{H}_{3}}>P{{H}_{3}}>N{{H}_{3}}\]

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    As the basic strength of hydride decreases while on moving down the group so the correct order is as follows: \[N{{H}_{3}}>P{{H}_{3}}>As{{H}_{3}}>Sb{{H}_{3}}\] Hence, the correct option is [b].

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