NEET Sample Paper NEET Sample Test Paper-36

  • question_answer The rate of a first-order reaction is \[1.5\times {{10}^{-2}}M\,{{\min }^{-1}}\]at 0.5 M concentration of reactant. The half-life of reaction is

    A)  0.383 mm    

    B)  23-1 min

    C)  8.73 mm     

    D)  7.53 mm

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

     Rate\[=K{{[A]}^{1}}\] \[K=\frac{1.5\times {{10}^{-2}}}{0.5}\,{{\min }^{-1}}\] \[\therefore \]\[{{t}_{1/2}}=\frac{0.693}{K}=\frac{0.693\times 0.5}{1.5\times {{10}^{-2}}}=23.1\,\min \] A       1.3 y. 1U


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