NTSE English Sample Paper NTSE English Sample Paper-15

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    Direction: Read the following Passage and Answer the Question given after it.
    The rajputs occupy an honoured place in the history of India. They were a war-like, people, proud and patriotic. They were jealous of their honour, and would lay down their lives to uphold it. They loved their homes and fought bravely to defend the honour of their women-folk. Nothing would tame their spirits. Perils only called forth their courage and poverty only increased their power of resistance. None could fight like them. Their motto was 'Better death than dishonour.'
    The expression 'tame their spirits' in the passage means:

    A)  suppress their ambitions                

    B)  arouse their enthusiasm

    C)  develop their courage                   

    D)  curb their enthusiasm

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

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