12th Class Physics Sample Paper Physics Sample Paper-10

  • question_answer The figure adjoining shows the V-I characteristics of a semiconductor diode.
    (i) Identify the semiconductor diode used.
    (ii) Draw the circuit diagram to obtain the given characteristic of this device.
    (iii) Briefly explain one important application of this diode.


    (i) The given V-I characteristics is of Zener diode since in characteristics a Zener voltage \[{{V}_{z}}\] is shown in the reverse bias mode.
    (ii) The required circuit diagram is shown below.
    (iii) Zener diode is used as an voltage regulator. When the zener diode is reverse biased. It is operated in the breakdown region, the voltage across it remains practically constant even for a large change in the current. This property of zener diode is used in the voltage regulator circuit.

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