12th Class Physics Sample Paper Physics Sample Paper-15

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    Geeta has dry hair. A comb ran through her dry hair attracts small bits of paper. She observes that Neeta with oily hair combs her hair, the comb could not attract small bits of paper. She consults her teacher for this and gets the answer. She then goes to the junior classes and shows this phenomenon as Physics experiment to them.
    All the juniors feel very happy and tell her that they will also look for such interesting things in nature and try to find the answers. She succeeds in forming a Science club in her school.
    Read the above passage and answer the following questions.
    (i) What according to you are the values displayed by Geeta?
    (ii) Explain the phenomenon involved.
    (iii) Why did the comb used by Neeta not attract the bits of paper?


    (i) Geeta shares her knowledge with others and also is curious to know new things.
    (ii) The phenomenon involved is ?charging by induction.? The process of charging a neutral body by bringing a charged body nearby it without making contact between the two bodies is known as charging by induction.
    (iii) Neeta had oily hair, so the friction between the hair and the comb reduces. So the comb does not get charged and will not attract the bits of paper.

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