12th Class Physics Sample Paper Physics Sample Paper-15

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    Amar got so much interested in astronomy that he decided to make a telescope.
    He studied about telescopes and its construction. He prepared his own astronomical telescope. He presented his observations in a science seminar and got first prize.
    (i) What qualities do you find in Amar?
    (ii) Draw ray diagram of astronomical telescope and give expression for its magnification.


    (i) Amar is having scientific aptitude and he is hard working.
    (ii) Ray diagram of an astronomical telescope focused for least distance of distinct vision.
    \[{{M}_{D}}=\frac{-\,{{\text{f}}_{o}}}{{{\text{f}}_{e}}}\left( 1+\frac{{{\text{f}}_{e}}}{D} \right)\]             And      \[{{M}_{\infty }}=\frac{-\,{{\text{f}}_{o}}}{{{\text{f}}_{e}}}\]

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