12th Class Physics Sample Paper Physics Sample Paper-1

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    Mohan was crazy for watching World Cup Soccer 2018 final, but he was very much dissatisfied with his present TV set. So he decided to buy a new TV set, he was now confused with different features and functions of the TV sets presently available in the market. He then discussed all the features of digital and analog circuits with his uncle Ranjan, who is an electronic engineer. With his uncle's help, finally he bought a TV to enjoy world cup final. Read the above passage and answer the following questions:
    (i) Which types of signals are better? Show diagrammatic representation of analog and digital signals.
    (ii) What type of nature Ranjan has?


    (i) Analog signals are better than digital signals. Diagrammatic representation of analog (a) and digital (b) signals are as follows : (ii) Ranjan is inquisitive, intelligent and has keen interest in technology.

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