12th Class Physics Sample Paper Physics Sample Paper-2

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    The teacher asked the students, "why we are calling the world today as the global village".
    One student Rabat replied due to modem generalised communication among the countries across the world, is leading various types of commercial and traditional relationships between them.
    (i) Do you agree with Rabat's reply? If yes, then why? Justify.
    (ii) Draw a block diagram of a generalized communication system.
    (iii) What are the two values shown by Rahat?


    (i) Yes, any type of relation can be developed between two because of communication. If no communication exists between two bodies, i.e. no thought can be shared and no one can communicate with each other then, it will not be possible to make a highly integrated society. (ii) Block diagram of a generalized Communication generalized (iii) Good knowledge and presence of mind.

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