12th Class Physics Sample Paper Physics Sample Paper-3

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    While performing experiment on Ohm's law in laboratory, Bhupesh used a bulb as a resistance in the circuit. When he plotted voltage-current graph, he got curved line instead of straight line. He was upset, went to Physics teacher and teacher explained him about the erronous result. Now, Bhupesh identified his mistake.
    Read the above passage and answer the following questions :
    (i) Why the experiment performed by Bhupesh was giving faulty result?
    (ii) What values are shown by Physics teacher?


    (i) As, Bhupesh used bulb whose filament has a high value of resistance, it was a wrong decision. On increasing voltage, temperature of the filament continuously increases which affected the result of Ohm's law experiment.
    (ii) He has proper knowledge and wanted to remove doubts of his students.

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